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Pak Tai Temple Cheung Chau

Pak Tai Temple Cheung Chau

The Pak Tai Temple on Cheung Chau is one of the many Pak Tai temples in Hong Kong.

The temple is the center of the annual Bun Festival on the island which in normal years draws thousands of visitors.

Pak Tai Temple Cheung Chau
Pak Tai Temple Cheung Chau

The festival pays homage to Pak Tai and takes place in late April or early May depending on the Chinese lunar calendar.

Pak Tai Temple Cheung Chau
The temple holds several important treasures

The temple was completely rebuilt in 1989 and is known for its ornate roof decorations and several treasures within. These include an 800-year-old iron sword from the Song Dynasty and a golden crown that adorns the main Pak Tai statue. The stone cauldron at the entrance is from the late 19th century.

Pak Tai Temple Cheung Chau
Pak Tai Temple Cheung Chau


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Leica APO-Summicron-SL 28 f/2 ASPH

Leica APO-Summicron-SL 28 f/2 ASPH: 以先進科技打造的徠卡SL系統廣角鏡頭現已面世


徠卡相機公司發佈了又一款高性能徠卡SL系統廣角鏡頭-徠卡APO-Summicron-SL 28 f/2 ASPH.鏡頭。APO-Summicron-SL 28 f/2 ASPH.鏡頭是徠卡持續擴大的APO-Summicron-SL鏡頭系列的最新成員,該系列鏡頭以頂級光學性能和快速且可靠的自動對焦功能而著稱。繼35mm、50mm、75mm和90mm鏡頭之後,徠卡APO-Summicron-SL 28 f/2 ASPH.鏡頭的發佈為APO-Summicron-SL系列增添了一款真正意義上的廣角鏡頭。

APO-Summicron-SL系列鏡頭的直徑完全相同,因此其濾鏡尺寸也完全相同。APO-Summicron-SL 28 f/2 ASPH.鏡頭的視角尤為適合新聞攝影、室內環境和建築攝影。f/2的最大光圈對於其焦距而言已是不小,而成像質量沒有任何損失,在最大光圈下,通過對銳度和虛化程度的控制,為創作者提供更多的創意空間。此外,基於L-Mount (L-卡口) 標準,APO-Summicron-SL 28mm f/2 ASPH.鏡頭可與由L-Mount (L-卡口) 聯盟合作夥伴生產的徠卡鏡頭卡口標準相機完全兼容。 


APO-Summicron-SL 28 f/2 ASPH.鏡頭承襲徠卡鏡頭的一貫水準:自然的膚色表現、焦外成像的柔和過渡、畫面細節中出色的對比度,所有的邊角成像銳利、無變形;此外,APO-Summicron-SL 28 f/2 ASPH.鏡頭的複消色差校正能力格外突出,這也是其焦段顯著的特點。為了確保鏡頭極佳的色彩校正能力,大多數光學鏡片組不僅具備了特殊的局部色散性能,還使用了高品質特種玻璃;為了打造其極為複雜的結構,徠卡將創新生產工藝發揮到了極致。



APO-Summicron-SL 28 f/2 ASPH.鏡頭現已發售,建議零售價為港幣$39,900元正。

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HKIFF45 Programme Reveals

HKIFF45 Programme Reveals

The 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF45) will open on 1st April with two significant Hong Kong films - the world premiere of Where the Wind Blows (TBC), directed by Philip YUNG, starring Tony LEUNG Chiu-wai and Aaron KWOK, and the gala premiere of Septet: The Story of Hong Kong, an omnibus film by seven acclaimed Hong Kong filmmakers including Sammo HUNG, Ann HUI, Patrick TAM, YUEN Woo-ping, Johnnie TO, Ringo LAM and TSUI Hark. 

Hong Kong Film Festival

Closing the festival is the Asian premiere of Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, winner of the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize at Berlinale, from renowned Japanese director HAMAGUCHI Ryusuke. For the first time ever, HKIFF45 will go hybrid with both in-theatre and online screenings and audience-engagement events. Today's announcement of its full line-up also takes a new format, pre-recorded at FWD House 1881 and broadcasted online. 

During the 12-day extravaganza, over 190 titles from 58 countries and regions, of which 10 are world, 11 international and 43 Asian premieres, will be presented in close-to 230 screenings in theatres, and nearly 60 films are available through online platform. Multi-talented actor Aaron KWOK will return as the festival ambassador for the third consecutive year. Equally acclaimed is director Stanley KWAN, this year's Filmmaker in Focus. 

The retrospective honouring KWAN will feature 13 of his seminal works and a commemorate book. The renowned filmmaker will also attend a Face to Face seminar on 5 April to share his insights on films, art, and life with the public. 

Though filmmakers are unable to come to Hong Kong due to the health crisis, HKIFF45 has specially arranged two Master Classes by celebrated documentarians, Frederick WISEMAN and HARA Kazuo, who will meet the audience through live online streaming following the screening of their latest works, City Hall and Reiwa Uprising respectively. Audiences will also be able to connect with various filmmakers through seminars, post-screening talks, and other online events. Award-winning films of international cinema are the usual highlights of the HKIFF programme.

This year's showcase includes Wife of a Spy, with which KUROSAWA Kiyoshi is named Best Director at Venice; Golden Globes Best Foreign Language Film winner, Minari, by Korean-American director Lee Isaac CHUNG; Dear Comrades!, the Special Jury Prize winner at Venice by Russian director Andrei KONCHALOVSKY; as well as master documentarian Frederick WISEMAN's City Hall, Gianfranco ROSI's Notturno, and Maria SPETH's tenderly powerful documentary, Mr Bachmann and His Class, another Silver Bear winner from this year's Berlinale . 

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Shochiku Cinema, one of Japan's most historical and influential studios, HKIFF45 is proud to present a special retrospective programme showcasing ten masterpieces from ten maestros including MIZOGUCHI Kenji, OZU Yasujiro, IMAMURA Shohei and YAMADA Yoji, paying tribute to the remarkable achievement of Shochiku Cinema. In addition to the Japanese masterpieces, HKIFF45 also brings to audience a selection of newly restored classics from world and Chinese-language cinemas. Highlights include Tih Minh, a rarely-seen silent era crime serial in 12 episodes by Louis FEUILLADE; Jean-Luc GODARD's Breathless, beautifully restored for its 60th anniversary; The Goddess, a silent masterpiece directed by WU Yonggang and starring RUAN Lingyu; TSUI Hark's The Butterfly Murders, a pioneering work of the Hong Kong New Wave movement, as well as four restored classics by Stanley KWAN. In particular, four newly-restored masterpieces by WONG Kar Wai, including In the Mood for Love, are must-see for cinephiles.

Mohammad Reza ASLANI's Chess of the Wind, a long-lost censored Iranian gem recently restored, will be screened alongside its successors, in a new section entitled "Iranian New Cinema", which introduces the exciting new works from promising filmmakers who herald a new movement in Iranian cinema. Their aspiring spirits can be matched by the filmmakers in the "Fantastic Beats" section, which will impress young audience with Kajillionaire by Miranda JULY, and popular Japanese films like Underdog, We Made a Beautiful Bouquet and All the Things They Never Said.

To celebrate its 45th edition, HKIFF has tailor-made a limited edition souvenir boxset, consisting of cross shoulder bag, zipper bag, Moleskine pocket notebook, masklab respirators, ticket holder / mask keeper, die cut pins, bag key clip and paper clips. HKIFF has also designed crossover merchandise, which include the Festival tee shirt, a crossover with Teemaker, now available on the teemaker website [https://teemakerhk.com/]; and the Festival mask, a collaboration with local mask brand masklab, now available on the masklab website [https://masklab.hk] and stores.

As part of its continuous efforts in making cinema accessible and affordable to the public, HKIFF will offer a special discounted fare of HK$28 to students, elderly, people with disabilities and CSSA recipients, hold free community screenings, and add Chinese subtitles to foreign language films. HKIFF45 will be held simultaneously in-theatre and online from 1 to 12 April.

The public can purchase tickets online (http://www.hkiff.org.hk/), through all URBTIX outlets (for screenings at Cultural Centre, City Hall, Arts Centre and Tai Kwun only) or MCL Cinema's website [http://www.mclcinema.com], mobile ticketing app and K11 Art House box office (for screenings at K11 Art House only) from 10am on 18 March.


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Pirata Group - 2021 H1 New Openings

Pirata Group

Pirata Group

一直堅持以提供難忘美食享受作為理念的本地餐飲集團Pirata Group將於2021年踏上增長之路,並在接下來的六個月內推出五家新餐廳。在全球餐飲業於歷史上最艱難的時期下開展新餐廳,這肯定了集團對香港的承諾以及對提供非凡餐飲體驗的不懈追求。 


 Pirata Group共同創辦人及行政總裁 Manuel Palacio說:「我們深信香港,所以選擇在這裡紮根及長期發展。」「和其他運營商一樣,過去兩年給我們帶來極多考驗,但憑著我們團隊的努力和堅持以及香港營商環境的改善,我們定必可以繪製增長之路。」

作為一間引以為豪的香港本地公司,Pirata Group正在尋求更多人才,務求以非凡而難忘的美食享受令更多不論是本地還是國際的客人稱心滿意。


AT Points x SPCA 「Coffee Break」咖啡字畫慈善義賣活動 支持本地動物救助 多家人氣咖啡品牌加盟AT Points 開放式積分個人化平台 積分消費模式從此不一樣

AT Points x SPCA

致力為消費者帶來全新的積分獎勵購物體驗的開放式積分平台AT Points於今個星期日(3月14日)聯同香港愛護動物協會(SPCA)於西貢The Coffee Academics舉行「Coffee Break」咖啡字畫慈善義賣活動。

顧客只需於當天捐贈港幣50元,便可獲得由本地字畫藝術師Lamdarling即場繪畫的咖啡字畫一張,而活動當天所得之收益將會全數捐贈香港愛護動物協會,為本地救助動物工作出一分力。同時,只需即場透過QR Code下載AT Points程式,更可於店內免費獲得一杯The Coffee Academics Espresso,邊嘆咖啡邊做善事!

此外,AT Points於3月16日至26日期間,將會於中環、金鐘、灣仔及鰂魚涌等地區進行路演宣傳活動,大家密切留意AT Points Facebook專頁公佈,一同來捕捉AT Points路演宣傳隊伍,透過隊伍的QR Code下載AT Points程式便可獲得即時優惠,即開即用。 AT Points x SPCA"Coffee Break"咖啡字畫慈善義賣活動詳情 活動日期: 2021年3月14日(星期日) 時間:上午10時至下午5時 場地:The Coffee Academics(西貢市場街55 號地下至 1 樓) 嶄新開放式兌換積分⽣態圈 打造個人化優惠 AT Points是全新的網上推廣平台,用戶只需下載應用程式,便可透過個人化的優惠券,享有度身訂造的購物體驗。而開放式的獎勵積分平台能連接多個獨立的會員積分計劃,讓用戶可以自由轉換不同計劃的積分,善用在各個計劃中的閒置積分。

AT Points x SPCA
AT Points x SPCA

AT Points採⽤區塊鏈技術加強保密性及加快交易速度外,亦運⽤了先進的⼈⼯智能及⼤數據,分析不同客⼾群的消費習慣及模式,協助商⼾準確掌握客⼾所需,以便部署最精準的營銷策略。

AT Points目前在⼤灣區11個城市與5,000家商⼾合作,消費點多達50,000個,而現時本地參與商⼾更多不勝數,當中包括百佳超級市場、Habitu、Pacific Coffee、龍島、土司⼯房、聖安娜餅屋、鴻福堂、海天堂、大快活、Green Common、天仁茗茶,以⾄Y-3、D-Mop等! 每月不同的推廣活動 3月咖啡迷喜訊 為答謝用戶支持,AT Points將舉行一連串推廣活動,而3月份AT Points將會聯同香港20間知名人氣咖啡店品牌,當中包括The Coffee Academics、Pacific Coffee等為用戶帶來不同的消費優惠。咖啡迷馬上下載AT Points打造你的個人化優惠組合,來一場瘋狂的咖啡之旅。 關於Lamdarling 本地字畫師 Lamdarling,一直堅持做喜歡的事,寫喜歡的字。精於現代英文書法/西洋書法/現代中文書法/水彩/插畫,常被各大品牌邀請合作,包括 Broadway Cinema, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Pure Fitness Nood Food, Midtown, Soundwill Plaza II, Rosewood Hotel Group, Initial Fashion 等。Lamdarling 亦經常舉辦不同類型的書法工作坊,讓更多人認識書法藝術。


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Educating Young Giants Book Review

Educating Young Giants: What Kids Learn (And Don't Learn) in China and America

by Nancy Pine

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

ISBN: 978-0-230-33907-1
193 pp

Educating Young Giants Book Review

China is not satisfied with its education and is trying to become more like America. America is not satisfied with its education and is trying to become more like China. What is going on?

Both countries are trying to prepare their students for the future, a future in which, according to one Stanford professor of Education herein quoted, schools must "prepare students to work at jobs that do not yet exist, creating ideas and solutions for products and problems that have not yet been identified, using technologies that have not yet been invented." Author Nancy Pine takes a look at American and Chinese education systems, where they came from, and both where they are going and where they need to go.

China's education philosophy comes from Confucianism and heavily promotes rote memorization at the expense of creative thinking. American education has traditionally been more geared to creative thinking, but with the rise in dependence on standardized tests, this is changing.
A history teacher at a prestigious urban school in Guangzhou summarizes what his understanding of his job is. "I spend every minute of every class telling my high school students everything I know about history. Their job is to take notes and memorize the material."

Before Chinese and American children even reach school age, their educations are dissimilar. For example, Chinese children tend to be told how to correctly play with toys, while American children are often left on their own to figure out how to play with their toys.
Also discussed is "prewriting," which is what happens when two- and three-year-olds are asked to write. In China, children's "prewritings" are small with angular lines that can be likened to Chinese characters. American children "write" in big swirls and fill up much of the page, looking more like the English alphabet. Another idea Pine explores is the difference in the purpose of education. She quotes one Chinese observer of education as saying, "People in China see math and science as a tool to change their destiny, not to explore the world."

Of course, discipline in schools is discussed. In China, it is expected, demanded and just plain de rigueur. In America, discipline is - often a huge problem.
Any discussion of education in America must consider charter schools. Pine goes there, saying that American charter schools are successful basically because of their forward-thinking. School administrators in charter schools don't have to overcome central planning and the laser focus on preparing students for standardized tests.

Tests in both countries tend to measure what bits of information have been memorized. Tests of the future will also need to test thinking ability.
While readers might expect that a comparison of two countries' educational philosophies, which quotes a number of academics, by the way, might be prone to flatulent verbosity, this book actually is down to earth and easy to digest.

Pine doesn't try to offer many suggestions to improve America's education world, but when she does, at the end of the book, it can mostly be summed up as: let's spend lots more money.
If you are a reader who thinks copious notes and a long bibliography are important, you should know that there are 10 pages of notes and six pages of bibliography.
The book was published in 2012, so the reader might be left to wonder what has happened in Chinese and American education since then. Perhaps there is a more up-to-date book, but failing that there is still plenty to think about and mull over here in this book.

Marshall Hughes

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Press Conference of the 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival

Press Conference of the 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival Announcing Grand Opening, Closing Films and Full Programmes

Hong Kong International Film Festival
Hong Kong International Film Festival

The HKIFF45 will be held from 1 - 12 April, 2021, which includes a selection of the latest films in international cinema, cutting-edge works from new talents, and restored classic films from around the world.

The online press conference will take place today (9thMarch 2021) at 3pm to announce the HKIFF45 full programme details, and will be joined by media representatives and public as it unveils the highly anticipated annual film festival.

Event Details of HKIFF4 Press Conference


9th March 2021 (Tuesday)


3:00 pm

Live-streaming hyperlink:



Mr. Aaron KWOK, HKIFF45 Ambassador

Director Stanley KWAN, HKIFF 45 Filmmaker-in-Focus