Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Grey Beijing Weather

Grey Beijing Weather
Grey Beijing Weather
Beijing is in many ways a pleasant surprise for the first time visitor. The streets aren't honking, screeching bedlam; it is very spacious; taxi drivers drive, if anything, too slowly and carefully; and hotels which, at the price, you might expect would be dives, can be close to opulent.

However, if you do not strike it lucky with weather, you really do feel out of luck. Beijing on an overcast day is the least uplifting of cities. A lot of the architecture here is designed with gravity, not lightheartedness in mind, and bad weather brings it right out.

Here is a shot from the room in the hotel we're staying at this time round in Chao-yang-men. Not the kind of view to inspire you to venture outside, but, on the other hand, going out can only be better than being stuck with a vista like this all day!

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