Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Panjiayuan Market

This treasure trove of antiques, jade, beads, statues, posters, scroll painting and so on, never fails to fascinate and tempt visitors. Even some of the most hardened non-shoppers have weakened to the temptations of this market!

Coffee Break

There is one coffee stall at the rear of the market set up under one of the many shop houses. The coffee here is not first class, but it is a very welcome refreshing break or warm-up during the freezing winter shopping expeditions.

Or why not leave the market for an excellent cup of coffee and snack from the helpful Klub Coffee? This local style coffee shop just north of the nearby Chaowai Furniture market serves great coffee and snacks in comfortable surrounds with cheerful, friendly service. To get there, simply turn right after crossing the road from the front gate of the market.

You are now walking toward the third ring road. Continue to the playground/exercise area and turn left to walk parallel with the third ring road.

You will pass one of Beijing's famous eye glasses markets and then Chaowai furniture market. Now walk past a few more clothes shops on your left and you will see the welcome retreat of Klub Cafe, if you have not been tempted by other shopping along the way.

Arrive or depart by rickshaw

Arrive or depart by rickshaw Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Local art work

Local art work Photographer: Russell Uebergang


Brushes Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Market central

Market central Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Cheerful local vendors

Cheerful local vendors and shoppers Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Hot potatoes

Hot potatoes Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Jewellery Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Mao Memorabilia

Mao Memorabilia Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Ground level shopping

Ground level shopping Photographer: Russell Uebergang

Tibetan furniture

Tibetan furniture Photographer: Russell Uebergang



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