Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Jingshan Park 景山公园

Jingshan Park, Beijing

Immediately across the road from the north entrance to the Forbidden City lies Jingshan Park. Jingshan Park is also known as Coal Hill.

It owes its existence to the moat built around the Forbidden City in 1420. Not only did the park provide somewhere to store the soil dug out of the moat, but it was planned in line with fengshui practice to protect the palace from the northern winds.

Jingshan Park, Beijing An interesting story about Jingshan Park is associated with the Ming Dynasty because the last emperor hung himself as Manchu troops came to Beijing.

There is a marker and notice board with the story on the eastern path in the park.

Jingshan Park Climbing to the top of the hill offers wonderful views across the Forbidden City. Early morning is the best time for photographs.

Jingshan Park, Beijing The park is full of surprises and treats. During the springtime it is a blaze of colour with the flowering of thousands of peonies. Wander around the park and enjoy the many huge, delicate blooms that these plants produce in a range of pinks, whites and maroons.

Jingshan Park, Beijing
Activities in the Park

Adding to the joy of the colourful display is experience of mixing with thousands of Jingshan Park’s local population who come to exercise or relax in the park.

You are in for a real treat if you time your visit to a Sunday morning when people come to exercise with tai chi, sword dancing, dancing, skipping or simply strolling the many paths around, up or down the hill in the centre of the park.

If you enjoy mass choirs you are in the right place to be entertained by choirs both small and large. You will be welcomed to join in with the fun, or to relax and enjoy the skills of many novice performers.

Jingshan Park band, Beijing

Jingshan Park, Beijing

The park has some excellent bonsai displays, along with changing indoor displays of Chinese handicrafts or art work.
Jingshan Park, Beijing

Access & Hours

Open: 6 am to 10 pm every day
Cost: 5 rmb
1 Wenjing Street, Xicheng District
Telephone: 64044071
Jingshan Park, Beijing

Photographer: Russell Uebergang


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