Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Strange Beijing street sign

Street Sign

Most pictorial street signs are predicable and straightforward: no parking, no stopping, lanes merge, dead end, give way, no horns, children crossing, etc.

However, this road sign seen in central Beijing is decidedly more unique, and leaves a little more to the imagination.

'No untuned engines'?, 'Stay calm'?, 'No naked flames'? 'No car bombs'? The last one is probably getting hot (so to speak). It no doubt prohibits the carrying of explosive substances, showing that the concern about terrorism is not just an English-speaking thing.

Significantly, the sixth meeting of Joint Liaison Group between China and the United States on law enforcement cooperation took place just last week.

Just before it opened, FBI assistant director Thomas Fuentes said the FBI was working with Chinese security officials to keep "East Turkistan" groups in China's northwest territories under surveillance. These groups engage in sporadic terrorist activities and are suspected of having links with al Qaeda.


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