Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Beijing's Public Transport

According to a report in City Weekend magazine public transport usage within Beijing is at an all time high. The report suggests that use of the new popular Line 5, along with a decrease in fares, is responsible for the changed habits of local commuters.

Beijing's Public Transport
Beijing's Public Transport
While all of Beijing's underground rail system is easy to use and navigate, the new Line 5 is certainly the cleanest and most user friendly part of the system. Maps light up and show the current progress along the line and there are English announcements of station names in each carriage. One of the most popular destinations for Beijing visitors on this line is the Yong He Gong station. The Lama Temple here is well worth a visit.

Tickets costing 2rmb to travel to any destination can be bought at ticket windows in each station. Multi-trip electronic cards can also be bought. Users can also add extra credit to the cards for taxi fares and convenience store purchases in Quick Stores. Most taxis are not set up to accept the card as payment, but this is expected to increase in the future.

Beijing’s Public Transport.

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