Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Modern Beijing Expands

CCTV towers closing in
Beijing expands upwards
As Beijing continues to throw off its traditional image modern office blocks, apartments and shopping centres take their place on the skyline.

CCTV Towers

The new CCTV Towers (pictured above) are inching closer and closer together each day. Located on Dong San Huan Lu (East Third Ring Road) these towers will soon join up in an amazing feat of architecture where the linking piece turns through 90 degrees to link one leaning tower with another leaning tower.

Driving along the East Third Ring Road one cannot help but have their attention grabbed by this architectural and engineering feat.

SOHO Shang Du

SOHO Shang Du
SOHO Shang Du
To the west of this area, passing through Central Park and nearby to The Place shopping centre there is another interesting development by SOHO with SOHO Shang Du (above). The black mirrored SOHO buildings certainly catch the eye with their walls that angle in and out of the building as they rise skyward.

Visiting this area provides any Beijing visitor with an easy day shopping in either The Place or Soho, gazing at The Place's incredibly, fascinating sky screen, visiting cinemas, taking a spa treatment or eating at restaurants.

Beijing expands.


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