Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Flag of China 五星红旗

The present flag of China is called the "Five-Starred Red Flag."

The Chinese flag consists of a red background with five, five-pointed bright yellow stars in the top left corner. The larger star is flanked by four smaller ones.

Flag of China


There are various explanations as to the symbolism of the colors and motif. The red field is said to symbolize the revolution and the yellow color of the stars represents China's history. The colors also owe much to the flag of the Soviet Union in 1949.

Chinese Communist Party

The larger star denotes the Chinese Communist Party and the four smaller stars four classes of Chinese society united under communism by Mao: peasants, workers, bourgeois, and capitalists with communist sympathies.

Zeng Liansong

The flag was designed by Zeng Liansong, chosen from 3,000 designs submitted after the communists came to power in 1949.

Zeng Liansong's design for the Chinese flag was adopted in September 1949 and first flown in Tiananmen Square on the founding of the People's Republic of China on 1 October 1949.

Nowadays the flag can be seen on public buildings, schools, and stadiums throughout China and will be a common sight at this summer's Olympic Games.

Flag of China.


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