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Sophia Vari Exhibition Confucius Temple

As part of the Cultural Year of Greece in China 2007 – 2008 some of the sculptural works and paintings of Sophia Vari are on exhibition in the Confucius Temple grounds from 15th March to 20th April, 2008.

Sophia Vari Exhibition Confucius Temple

The exhibit itself is stunning, with vivid colors and flowing, sensual shapes offering conflict and harmony in the grounds of the Confucius Temple. The colours of these imposing painted bronze sculptures contrast with the traditional reds and blacks of the temple, while the smooth lines harmonize with the lines of the moat surrounding the central temple hall of the Imperial College.

Sophia Vari Exhibition Confucius Temple

As you gaze at her work in the surrounds of the Confucius Temple and contemplate sport in this Olympic city of Beijing, it is not hard to imagine how Sophia Vari may have been inspired by ancient Greek sculptors, whose work includes those of sportsmen and women of those times.

Sophia Vari Exhibition Confucius Temple

Reflecting on the centuries old history of both China and Greece makes one see many parallels between these two Olympic countries. The history of empires past and how to maintain these histories must surely give both China and Greece much to talk about in the fields of the arts, sport and preservation of historical relics for years to come.

Sophia Vari Exhibition Confucius Temple, Beijing

Access - Getting There

Visit the Sophia Vari Exhibition at the Confucius Temple, 13 Guozijian Jie, Dongcheng District 孔庙国子监 6532-4513

Sophia Vari Exhibition, Beijing


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