Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beijing Update Subway Line 10

Beijing Update Subway Line 10: Qianmen Renovations

For those wanting to revisit the ancient city area of Qianmen just south of Tiananmen Square the long wait is coming to an end.

The much anticipated reopening of Qianmen is due to take place in early July. The huge renovations will deliver us a street returning to the 1920's style featuring an two old trolley cars from that era.

Many of the popular and famous old shops like Quanjude and its delicious roast duck along with new stores like Starbucks will be available.

Qianmen Street, Beijing

Subway Line 10

The 25 km long Subway Line 10 is scheduled to open on June 1st. This line will follow the east 3rd Ring Road for much of its route and allow passengers much quicker access to venues in that area than travel by bus or car. Line 10 also brings travelers so close to Olympic Park they can either take a healthy walk or a short taxi ride to reach the famed Olympic area.

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