Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Asia Travel Tips

• ATM Tips

Look for network acceptance logos by checking your card match its logo, ex/VISA, MasterCard, with the logo on the ATM
Make sure your ATM PIN number is a six-digit figure
Remove your card shortly after insertion into an ATM. Certain ATMs retain your card if it is not taken within a 10-15 second time frame
Know your bank’s cash withdrawal limits before you leave
HSBC ATM machines can dispense a maximum of RMB3,000 per withdrawal instruction
Cash is more popular in China than in many Western countries
• NOTE: There are 27 HSBC ATM machines in Beijing. The ATM machines of HSBC can accept ATM cards bearing these logos: VISA, MasterCard, Plus, Maestro, Cirrus.

ATM Tips

• Credit Card Tips
Do not use personal checks when retail shopping
Ask merchants about credit card minimum charges

• Local Currency Tips
• Watch out for counterfeit notes. If you have to exchange cash, reputable sources such as banks or hotels are recommended. Notes that are old, tattered or torn are also sometimes hard to spend
• Only CNY20,000 cash is permitted each entry/exit
• The limit of foreign currency cash you bring to China at a time is USD5,000 cash (or its equivalent in any other currency). Any excess sum must be declared to China Customs

• Foreign exchange Tips
• When exchanging foreign currency, a valid passport is required
• The exchange rate offered by airports, hotels and department stores may be less competitive, and commission may be charged

• Life Tips
• Country Dialing Code: Mainland China: +86; Hong Kong +852
• When dialing fixed telephones in China, please add 0 before the regional code. If you dial the telephones of countries or regions other than mainland China, you must use an international prefix such as 00 or the + sign

• Phones
• It is easy to buy a SIM card at most mobile phone counters of electronic appliance department stores, and to substitute that for your regular SIM card

Phones in Beijing

Key Chinese Phrases
• Thank you —— xiè xiè
• I don’t understand —— wo bù míng bái
• Help —— jiù mìng
• How much it is —— duō shao qián
• Goodbye —— zài jiàn
• Weights & Measures:Metric

• Internet Service
• Utilize internet Cafes in Beijing
• fee is often 3 Yuan per hour – ID card or passport is required.
• Avoid using Internet Banking, or any other Internet services which require the use of critical passwords, at Internet Cafés, libraries, and other public sites to avoid the risk of information being copied and abused after you leave.

Chinese etiquette
• In China, embracing is not a common way to greet each other, except between family members and very good friends. Kissing, whether on the cheeks or on hands, is unacceptable to the Chinese.
• The handshake is common for social and business occasions as an expression of courtesy and greeting when people meet or say goodbye to each other. But please note that when shaking hands with a Chinese woman, do not hold it too tightly - a light shake of the fingers will do the job.

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