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Rook: Art Extravaganza!

You are cordially invited to take part in

ROOK - A site specific performance by Dutch artist Peter Vink specially conceived for The Liquor Factory, Beijing

F6 - A site specific project by Dutch artist Peter Vink specially conceived for The Liquor Factory, Beijing


Location: The Liquor Factory, Beijing
Address: No F6, Jiuchang Art Complex, Beihuqu Road, Anwaibeiyuan Street, Chaoyang
District, Beijing, 100012

Opening: September 20,2008
Time: 3 pm. Please come 3 p.m. sharp if you want to see the one time event "ROOK". Be on time!

F6 Exhibition: 2008.09.20 – 2008.10.20
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11 am to 6 pm

Sponsors: The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Xiao Yong Studio, Beijing Liquor Factory Art Complex, Platform China

For more information about the project please visit: or contact Peter Vink: 0086 150 1090 1055; Liu Gang: 0086 131 46233877 (assistant of Peter Vink)

Peter Vink

Peter Vink (1974) is a Dutch visual artist based in Amsterdam, and now spending 6 months in Beijing as an artist in residence at Platform China Art Institute. The core of his artistic research lies in investigating and challenging the common notion of space as well as the artistic potential it releases when the artist uses it as a setting of his site specific works.

The manner in which space is activated by the artistic gesture, the redefinition of its identity, its shift from an ordinary to a fictionalized entity are all issues on the artistic agenda of Vink, an artist who allows no "ready-made" solutions but always engages in analyzing the specificity of every kind of space. This artistic intervention specially conceived for the Liquor Factory is an example of the artist's ability to redesign and at some extent direct space.

As in the other works by Vink, also in this case the physical space far from being a passive backdrop is transformed into the site where the real action takes place; it plays the leading role in the piece and thus transcends its triviality.



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