Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Olympic venues prove popular with tourists

Olympic Park red gate
With the dust settling on the Olympics and Paralympic events it can hardly be said to be settling on the venues themselves, despite the impressive quantities of pollution since the big events!

The China Daily quotes figures like 493 000 visitors to Olympic Park on Thursday this week. This seems highly credible with the traffic jams and restrictions in place around Olympic Park during the National Day holidays this week in Beijing. The popularity of subway Line 10, a pivotal Olympic line, would also seem to endorse the number of visitors being published for Beijing this week. The overall number of visitors to Beijing’s famous tourist spots for the National Day holiday have increased 170% on last year’s figures with renovated sites like Qianmen hosting some 900 000 visitors in the first 4 days of the week according to figures from the China Daily.

National StadiumAn exhibit of some 2450 photographs and 1300 objects from the Olympic Games is on display in the Beijing World Art Museum, China Millennium Monument, A9 Fuxinglu, Haidian District.

Forbidden City

Traditional tourist highlights like the Forbidden City attracted some “110 000 visitors on Friday, double the number of a year ago” reports the China Daily.

It would seem that talk of recession around the world has not hampered domestic travel in China. With the ever increasing number of new hotels to cater for all classes of travelers it would seem Beijing is well set up to experience many years of success as a host city to tourists from near and far.

Olympic Park Sculpture. ©

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