Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chater Road Hong Kong

Chater Road Hong Kong 遮打道

Chater Road, in Central on Hong Kong Island, is named after Catchick Paul Chater (1846-1926) a prominent Hong Kong businessman of his era.

Chater Road is closed on Sundays and public holidays and is a well-established meeting place for the Filipino community (mostly female domestic helpers), who gather to exchange news, eat and relax.

Chater Road, Hong Kong with International Finance Centre ifc2

Chater Road is at the heart of Central, Hong Kong's financial centre, and nearby skyscrapers include the HSBC Tower, International Finance Centre, AIG Tower and The Landmark.

On a more human, older scale are Statue Square, Chater Garden and the old Legislative Building of Hong Kong.

Statue Square, now the main gathering point for Filipina amahs on Sundays, was laid out in the 19th century, with statues of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Edward VII and HSBC bigwig Sir Thomas Jackson. Some of the images were carted off by the Japanese during World War II but have been returned. Queen Vic was shunted off to Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Nearby is the World War I cenotaph.

Chater Garden, is a pleasant inner city garden with water features, near the neo-classical Legislative Council Building, the former seat of the colonial Supreme Court of Hong Kong.

The nearest MRT station to Chater Road is Central.

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