Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Bei Shun Community

Bei Shun Community
Bei Shun Community

When walking toward the Flower Bird Fish and Bug Market from Fuchengmen Subway station you will walk past the Bei Shun community on your right.
  Bei Shun Community

This hutong area has quite a large exercise park with many of the colourful metal exercise machines found in many exercise parks around China. Feel free to join in and exercise on any of the available machines.
Bei Shun Community

Something not so commonly seen these days are the beautifully decorated blackboards or chalk boards with a lot of Chinese characters on the board.

Those photographed are giving advice to the Bei Shun community about health issues.
From time to time these chalk boards may be found in hutong communities outside police stations with various notices for the local community.

Bei Shun Community

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In our digital age it is a delight to see these meticulous chalk drawings decorating such signs.

English: Bei Shun Community
Chinese: 北顺社区
Pinyin: Bei Shun She qu

Address for the nearby: Beijing Flower Bird Fish & Bug Market
Beijing Guanyuan Hua Niao Yu Chong Shi Chang
Add: 西2环阜城门桥东南角
Address: Xi er huan, Fu Cheng Men Qiao Dong Nan Jiao

Literally translated the name Beijing Guanyuan Hua Niao Yu Chong Shi Chang means: Beijing Official Flower Bird Fish and Insect Market


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