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Exhibition of Photographic Works by Visually Impaired People from China, Britain and Mexico, Beijing, 2009

Visible feelings in a world unseen

10:15 a.m. Sunday 31st May 2009 (the exhibition closes at 8 p.m. the same day)

Orange Hall, The Village, Sanlitun, Beijing (part of Affordable Art Beijing)

We cordially invite you to attend the opening of  "Sights Unseen", an exhibition of works by blind and partially sighted photographers from China, Britain and Mexico. The exhibition is the result of collaboration between the Beijing One Plus One Cultural Exchange Center, PhotoVoice (UK) and China Vision (UK).

Photography is a means of capturing a moment in time, while at the same time communicating our innermost thoughts to others. Through photography, every visually impaired person can discover hidden qualities, gain a greater self-awareness and express a new sense of freedom. Feelings of acceptance engender greater independence. Even without seeing the images they have produced, visually impaired photographers have a full understanding of what it is they want to express, using a totally new language to communicate their experience of the world around them Through a new technique of 'tactile diagrams', blind people can also experience real images translated into tactile form.

Beijing One Plus One Cultural Exchange Center is a Chinese NGO. It promotes information platforms and professional excellence, in order to strengthen the abilities of disabled people and engender social equality and integration. This exhibition is mainly a result of a photographic workshop run by two British facilitators from PhotoVoice, attended by eight visually impaired people in Beijing. In the future One Plus One will run extended workshops so that more visually impaired people in China can experience the power of photography.

Beijing One Plus One Cultural Exchange Center

26th May 2009

Please direct all enquiries to:
Maggie Sun, Xie Yan
Beijing One Plus One Cultural Exchange Center
Mob:1501 016 0219; 1390 129 5030
Phone:6725 9507-608; 6725 9507-604

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