Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Recycling In Shanghai

As Shanghai gears up for the opening of the World Expo, the city is sprucing itself up to live up to the Expo slogan of "Better City, Better Life."

Recycling In Shanghai

Garbage bins are appearing in pairs bearing the legends "Recyclables" and "Non-Recyclables" - though the suspicion is the contents of both bins will end up in the same landfill.

A recent report in the UK Guardian newspaper focused on Beijing's garbage problem as more and more Chinese people adopt a western-style, consumer lifestyle. The Chinese capital produces 18,000 tonnes of waste daily - 7,000 tonnes greater than the capacity of Beijing's municipal disposal plants. Less than 4% of Beijing's rubbish is recycled.

Recycling In Shanghai

The report suggests that Chinese citizens are unaware of the difference between "Recyclables" and "Non-Recyclables" as there has been inadequate information made available to the public on the distinction between the two.


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