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Calling Home From Beijing China

Calling Home From Beijing China

Whether you're in Beijing on business temporarily or permanently relocated to China’s capital, keeping in touch with your family back home is essential for curing homesickness. If you are looking to call the US from Beijing, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you connect with your loved ones.

How to call the US from Beijing?

To call from China to the United States you have the dial the following sequence:
00 (prefix for international calls) + 1 (country code) + City code + Local Number

How to call Beijing from abroad?

China's international calling code is +86 while Beijing’s area code is 010. To call Beijing from anywhere in the world, simply use the following code:
011 (international code from the US, 00 for the UK) + 86 + 010 + Local number

Calling from and to Beijing cheaper

International calls can get very expensive if you’re calling from your regular landline or mobile, that is why you should consider other, more affordable options. Here are a few of the most commonly used tools by expats to call home
• IC cards or Integrated Circuit card can be found at any post office or most convenience stores and can be used mainly for local calls. It’s a good alternative to calls from your hotel or to roaming.
• Prepaid phone cards are very versatile when it comes to calls to and from China. They can be used by your family back home and by you at lower rates than other offers on the market. The calling card can be purchased online, charging as little as 2cents per minute for international calls. You can even get some free calls if you act now.
• Skype and Google Talk are two good ways to call from PC to PC locally or internationally. However, if you have a slow internet connection, which is quite frequent in China, you will find it very hard to talk to your friends and family.
• Mobile phones are very common in China and can be very cost-effective as long as you get a local SIM. Try to avoid roaming as much as possible since it is generally very expensive for voice and data. Instead, use your mobile only for receiving calls and messages.

So what are you ways of calling abroad from Beijing?

Calling Home From Beijing China


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