Sunday, April 19, 2020

Join Black Sheep Restaurants' Premium Delivery Service

Join Black Sheep Restaurants' Premium Delivery Service

Black Sheep Restaurants understands first-hand how razor-thin margins are in the restaurant industry and how little profits there are for restaurants delivering through the big aggregators who refuse to lower their commissions while the industry continues to bleed.

In a show of solidarity, Black Sheep Restaurants is offering up to ten spots on its proprietary delivery system GO until the end of the summer. For the ten restaurants onboarded there will be no sign-up fees, no commission, all that will be asked is to cover GO’s delivery costs.

The only catch is that the restaurants need to be close to an existing Black Sheep Restaurants establishment in SoHo, Lan Kwai Fong, Wan Chai or up on The Peak. Co-founder of Black Sheep Restaurants Syed Asim Hussain comments; "We wish that we had the capacity to help more of our friends in the industry with delivery, but we also know the limitations of our own delivery ecosystem. However, what we lack in tech, we make up for in heart, and I hope this gesture will help see some of our comrades through this devastating time. And I hope that this inspires the aggregators to do the right thing by their clients, if we can do this at GO, they definitely can too."