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JD News Roundup

JD News


JD Logistics

JD has established Tibet's largest smart logistics center, after over 100 automated ground vehicles (AGVs) were put into use in the 27,000 square-meter logistics center in Lhasa, on Jun. 9. 

The AGVs are supporting the sales surge during the ongoing 618 Grand Promotion. JD is upgrading the service of its autonomous delivery vehicles during the ongoing 618 Grand Promotion period. Simultaneously, 30 new Level-4 autonomous vehicles were put into use in Changshu, Jiangsu province on Jun. 10. 

International Business JD launched its first cargo flight between China and the US on Jun. 7, following the recent launch of its China-Thailand charter flight in May 28. The China-US route will be an “end-to-end fully self-operated route to facilitate the transport of quality Chinese products to the US and vice versa,” said Stard Huang, president of JD International Logistics. 


JD and Walmart have launched a new omni-channel marketing model called "Jing-Wo New Initiative," which will make use of JD's strength in omni-channel and supply chain middle platform to help brands integrate product launching resources across all channels, expanding new products' touch points and exposure among customers, and more. 

Walmart will leverage its 400+ stores across the country, its online stores including several Walmart flagship stores (both first-party and third-party modes) and more to support the program.

As China’s income levels and quality of life rises, so too has its electronics consumption index, according to a new report released by JD Data Research Institute and Xinhua News Agency on Jun. 9. 

Consumers are paying more attention to product quality and being more willing to try and embrace new product categories.


"DC/EP has accelerated the cycle for currency settlements, thus lowering a company's operational cost," said Fei Peng, head of the DC/EP program at JD Technology, in an interview with Chinese National TV on June 8.

JD Industrial Technology, a division under JD that provides enterprise clients with industrial products and services, has helped Guangzhou Property Management Industry Association build a digital procurement platform aimed at alleviating pressure of property management enterprises in the city in procuring protective supplies during the ongoing COVID-19 resurgence. 


JD Health announced plans to partner with Contract Research Organization (CRO) and other pharmaceutical companies on Wednesday (June 10) in Beijing to launch an online clinical trial patient recruitment center to further accelerate the process of new drugs approving and marketing, and make it convenient for patients to find clinical trial projects online both quickly and precisely

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