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Pacific Place Presents Works by British Conceptual Artist Michael Craig-Martin Including Three Unique Sculptures

Pacific Place Presents Works by British Conceptual Artist Michael Craig-Martin
Pacific Place Presents Works by British Conceptual Artist Michael Craig-Martin

Continuing its fervent support of the arts in Hong Kong, Pacific Place is excited to present Michael Craig-Martin at Pacific Place from 19 May to 9 June as part of Swire Properties Arts Month 2021. This year also marks the ninth consecutive year of Swire Properties' partnership with Art Basel Hong Kong. Three unique sculptures by Michael Craig-Martin, a principal figure in British conceptual art, will be exhibited for the first time in an indoor space at Pacific Place, together with another of the artist's works, Royal Academy Flags1.

Visitors to Pacific Place will be the first to enjoy the sculptures before they move on to be displayed at Taikoo Place and then find a permanent home at Taikoo Li Qiantan in Shanghai. Standing at imposing heights of 2.5 to 4 metres, Michael Craig-Martin's three powder-coated steel sculptures, Bright Idea, Headphones (blue) and High Heel (pink), are prominently displayed in Pacific Place. Above them, suspended from the roof of Garden Court, hang his Royal Academy Flags1.

Together, the sculptures and flags highlight the poetic and emotional potency of everyday objects, probing the relationship between object and image. Their vibrant colourway creates a striking presence against the backdrop of Pacific Place, with passers-by given the opportunity make their own personal interpretations of each work. "Bright Idea, Headphones (blue) and High Heel (pink) depict instantly recognisable objects from contemporary life, emphasising their formal beauty, functional integrity and cultural significance,"

Michael Craig-Martin explained. "Through graceful lines formed from powder-coated steel, they give the impression of floating effortlessly above the ground. The delicate contours of these sculptures allow the viewer to look through them to the landscape beyond, playing upon the relationship between drawing and sculpture, line and scale."

Theresa Leung, General Manager of Pacific Place, said: "As part of our commitment to making art part of everyday life, we are excited to showcase Michael Craig-Martin's compelling works to mark the return of Swire Properties Arts Month.

Highlighting our desire to offer unique first-time experiences at Pacific Place, the highly anticipated indoor debut of Bright Idea, Headphones (blue), High Heel (pink) and Royal Academy Flags1 aims to challenge our perceptions of typically mundane objects, elevating them from the ordinary to the extraordinary."

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