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Over 3000 Employees Rush to Shanghai to Support Delivery

As of April 16, has called for 3,246 couriers and sorters nationwide to support supply in Shanghai, and most of them have arrived in the city over the weekend. At the same time, two temporary JD warehouses for daily necessities and baby & maternal products have been established in Shanghai’s Jinshan and Qingpu districts in just nine days.
Over 3000 Employees Help in Shanghai.
JD's data shows that the number of orders fulfilled in Shanghai increased by 67% on April 15 compared with the previous day, accounting for 43% of the normal average. The proportion was only 20% a week ago. The company expects that with more and more delivery forces joining in, the number will reach 80% of the normal average this week. 

A spokesperson of says the employees have received vaccine booster shots and will be dedicated to sorting and last-mile delivery jobs as soon as arriving in Shanghai. JD Logistics will provide them with sufficient PPE, insurance and daily Covid tests. 

The company also joined hands with Dada Group to recruit crowd-sourcing couriers for on-road delivery and community delivery. The recruitment was posted on April 15 through the official WeChat account of Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other channels. JD’s temporary warehouses in Jinshan and Qingpu have been used to stock mainly food, pet food and baby & maternal products. 

About 227,000 items of products have been put on shelf. Brands are allowed to transport their goods directly to these two warehouses, eliminating middle processes to decrease possible supply chain risks. Last week, JD also sent over 100 autonomous vehicles to Shanghai for last-mile delivery of customer orders and PPE to mobile cabin hospitals, lockdown communities, delivery stations and more.

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