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Continuing in its long-term mission to create an inclusive ecosystem of art and culture that incubates emerging and established talent for diverse audiences, K11 MUSEA’s most ambitious, large-scale showcase of NFT art arrives at the cultural-retail landmark from 29 April – 19 June 2022, paired with an extended programme of educational workshops and talks for all ages to discover the fast-growing sector of NFT art. 

The programme is powered by HSBC as well as with the support of strategic partner Visa — each party a key driver pushing this new frontier of art. 

K11 MUSEA has been a pioneer in introducing immersive experiences of art and culture to the public since opening in 2019. In 2021, key milestones include a collaboration with Sotheby’s in the lead-up to presenting Wong Kar-wai’s groundbreaking NFT launch. 

K11 MUSEA also partnered with internationally acclaimed Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama in showcasing an array of hybrid NFT and physical sculpture collectibles to be the leading voice in the NFT art collecting community. 

The current showcase, ‘METAVISION’, is a curation of the world’s biggest names in NFT art, exhibited together in Hong Kong for the first time. In collaboration with HSBC, select world-class artworks from ‘METAVISION’ will also be displayed at colossal scale at HSBC’s Main Building façade in Central, further echoing K11 MUSEA’s social mission to democratise and demystify NFT art in all its facets, and to open up the possibilities of the next iteration of the internet — the Metaverse — to all. 


See over 200 pieces by more than 30 solo artists and NFT projects alike displayed across nine floors and curated to each floor’s theme - placing the spotlight on artists as young as 8 years old to world-class artists such as Tom Sachs, Takashi Murakami and more. The collection is estimated to be worth a total of over 26,000 ETH (approx. US$82M+ / HK$646M+ as of press release). 

Bridging the worlds of the online and offline by showcasing through digital screens and in-person tours, it’s the first time that the general public can have direct access to see such a high-valued roster of artworks up close. Beginners to the world of NFT art can more readily immerse in the burgeoning culture of blockchain-backed art collecting - through appreciating and purchasing truly one-of-a-kind artworks that have taken the world by storm. 

Just as K11 MUSEA’s own cultural and retail offerings reveal an expansive breadth and depth — ranging from luxury and avant-garde brands to exhibitions of museum-quality artwork and of rising artists alike — a curated yet eclectic selection of NFT artworks are showcased from emerging and established artists and at varying price points starting from 0.8 ETH to as high as 1,560 ETH. 

Of close to 100 pieces that are available for sale, visitors simply need to scan the accompanying QR codes on each display for purchase enquiry. A number of globally recognised names, digital art enthusiasts will of course know Cryptopunks, one of the original personalisable collectibles that started out as 10,000 unique creations for anybody with an Ethereum wallet. 

This is met with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), a much-hyped series that has recently been fervently collected by celebrities from basketball icon Steph Curry to music artist Snoop Dogg and rapper Eminem, who notably spent 123.45 ETH on a Bored Ape that looks uncannily like himself. Equally among the biggest names in NFT is its spin-off collection, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, which is created when any Bored Ape is exposed to one out of a limited quota of 10,000 Mutant Serum NFTs. 

Visitors will also have the rare opportunity to view a select collection of Moonbirds - one of the most talked-about NFT projects since its launch in mid-April 2022. It’s made up of 10,000 utility-enabled pixel owl PFPs (profile pictures) by the Proof Collective, a private membership of 1,000 leading NFT collectors and artists. With Moonbirds, collectors are able to ‘nest’ their NFT within their wallet and accrue benefits, including exclusive drops and other rewards. 

Also rounding out the more established and explosively hyped NFT projects showcased is Azuki, a collection of 10,000 anime-style avatars with community access to streetwear collectibles, and rainbow-hued Doodles by Burnt Toast (the alias of Canadian illustrator Scott Martin), which operates as a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation), which gives all collectors a voice in its operations.
Metaverse HK
For those with a penchant for abstract art, look to Art Blocks, a generative art project that creates museum-quality abstract pieces that are randomly generated via algorithms. A familiar name in the fine art world, American sculptor Tom Sachs also brings some of the rarest pieces from his Rocket Factory series to K11 MUSEA. 

Having collaborated with the likes of Nike and Chanel, he has become renowned for his concept of crafting NFTs of rocket parts that must be combined to build customisable Rocket NFTs, featuring some of the world’s most recognised brands such as McDonald’s and Hello Kitty. Rare CLONE X avatars by Nike-backed NFT studio RTFKT (pronounced “artefact”) created in collaboration with the renowned master of ‘Superflat’ — Japanese artist Takashi Murakami — will also be on view.
On the local artist front, catch works by Arthus Ng, an 8-year-old Hong Kong artist with a growing following as a young talent, with the spotlight particularly shining on his recent digital drawings of snakes. 

He is joined by educator and his own mother Ching Lee, who specialises in spreading the passion for the NFT collecting world through her digital animations. Those with an eye for old Hong Kong’s aesthetic will want to look to artist Felix Ip, with his detailed, nostalgic visions of the city. 

Artists ZWanderluster, The French Girl and Sarah Zucker and their psychedelic, vibrant artworks, not to mention World of Women’s avatars that celebrate inclusivity and equality, also carve out a space in the limelight for female-made artworks for a truly diverse range of digital art to dive into at K11 MUSEA. 

In the spirit of partnership, HSBC’s two NFT artworks The Art of Progress and Threads of Life will be on show as part of the curation. CryptoPunk #7610, the NFT owned by Visa will also be part of the exhibition. Visa cardholders who snap a photo of this NFT alongside with same day spending of HK$1,000 at K11 MUSEA can enjoy bonus weekend rewards*. 

 *Terms and conditions apply. EDUCATIONAL ACTIVATIONS & EXPERIENCES Through this broad curation of NFT artists, K11 aims to educate the masses on the new kind of collecting that has emerged thanks to blockchain technology, while also opening up the playing field to allow all — from young children to adults — the opportunity to become NFT artists. 

 There will be a host of online workshops by K11 Kulture Academy that will teach the public how to mint their own NFTs, access the Sandbox metaverse, and more; while museum-level tours continue to share the fascinating stories behind each NFT project displayed, with each tour ending with a tutorial for anyone to open their own crypto wallet. Online guides on the ‘K11 HK’ app will also be available for visitors to continue the journey of discovery and imagination beyond K11 MUSEA. Throughout four weekends from 7–28 May, visitors to K11 MUSEA will also be able to experience ‘Meta Odyssey’, an immersive multi-sensory pop-up experience featuring a rhapsody of AR and live lighting effects paired with music. At the same time, artist talks have been planned for Arthus Ng, Felix Ip, and The French Girl in due course. Other high-profile talks with digital currency experts, NFT art collectors and art administrators are also in the works across K11 MUSEA’s social media, Apple Podcast and Spotify platforms. Details will soon be announced. PLAY TO EARN #K11MUSEANFT: YOUR CHANCE TO WIN 10,000 K DOLLARS Throughout the campaign period, snap a photo of your favourite NFT at ‘METAVISION’ and share what you love about it on Instagram with the hashtag #K11MUSEANFT for a chance to win 10,000 K Dollars! Terms and conditions apply. ‘SPOT THE AVATAR’ DIGITAL GAME Visitors will also be able to take part in the key ‘play to earn’ facet of the metaverse with the ‘Spot the Avatar’ in-app game on the ‘K11 HK’ App. Simply find all 13 highlight NFT avatars virtually on the app to discover more about each project’s hype through our Audio Guide, and earn surprise offers along the way!

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