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Multi-purpose cafe Whatever Coffee opens in Sham Shui Po Showcasing the “My Daughter’s vs My Childhood Memories” exhibition by No Paper Studio

Whatever Coffee
Not an ordinary cafe, Whatever Coffee is the utopia for storytellers and dreamers. With a new and exciting exhibition on show each month, Whatever Coffee invites you to embark on a journey together to the land of the unknown. The multi-purpose cafe is now opened at Sham Shui Po on 172B Tai Nan Street. To kick off the launch, Whatever Coffee partners with No Paper Studio to co-host the “My Daughter’s vs My Childhood Memories” exhibition on May 7th-18th. 

By showcasing works of popular cartoon characters in the 70s like Garfield to popular boy band MIRROR members, No Paper Studio highlights the difference in childhood memories across generations, encouraging a cross-generational cultural dialogue. 

With stories to stir your soul and coffee to stimulate your mind, Whatever Coffee experiments with seemingly irrelevant elements and creates mesmerising coffee experiences. Life is filled with bittersweet and sour moments, so does coffee. Perfect for the hot summer days in Hong Kong, Lemon Cold Brew is expertly blended with citrus flavours, giving the bold espresso an invigorating twist. For those who favour a bittersweet aftertaste, we recommend the Espresso Tonic. 

The sweetness of tonic water perfectly balances the acidity and bitterness of espresso, creating a full-bodied and complex flavour. Whatever Coffee
Address: 172B Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
Opening Hours: Daily 11am-6pm
Tel: +852 5437 0493
Situated at the vibrant Sham Shui Po, Whatever Coffee embraces the eclectic mix of the old and the new in the pulsing area. 

Historical architecture integrates bold and fresh ideas from the new generation, making the location a perfect backdrop for the exhibition. Inspired by vintage Hong Kong movie posters, No Paper Studio portrays the most on-trend topics in a playful humorous manner with the use of nostalgic aesthetics including Chinese calligraphy, hand painted graphics, and a layout dense with text. 

Not only a delight for audiences, No Paper Studio also aims to preserve the vanishing culture of Hong Kong for future generations. 

From our childhood hero Ultraman Tiga to every daughter’s dream men (Keung To, Anson Lo and Jer Lau), the series of comedic posters show the transitional changes in the last 25 years. Tracing from present to past, the exhibition aims to create collective memories and form a cultural bridge across generations.

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