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Tickets for Olympics 2008

Oh, if you live in Beijing buying Olympic tickets is not as simple as one might think!

In fact it is ridiculous!

Beijing Olympic Stadium
Beijing Olympic Stadium

You have to register online, fine. Then you select the events you want to attend. If you choose the opening ceremony then you can only get ONE ticket.

Too bad if you want to go with someone you love or know! Then if that wife or husband or lover or friend wants to go, then they have to register online too and enter the lottery system to get a ticket and take their chances where they will sit, if they get a ticket at all.

Then, if you are married and have kids, I guess the kids have to enter the lottery too! The fiasco doesn't end there! If you only have one Visa card in the family and you have already bought your own tickets with that, your wife/partner/etc cannot use your Visa card to pay for the tickets, the system doesn't allow it.

At this point in time I have an entry in the lottery to get an opening ceremony ticket. My wife can't even apply as we don't have another Visa card and we don't have a Bank of China account!

Now I'm hoping I don't get drawn to go to the opening ceremony. How ridiculous is that! But why would you want to go if you can't go with someone you know or love!

The good part is that I was able to apply for tickets to some events and ask for 2 tickets to those events.

Opening Ceremony

Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony

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