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Olympic Tickets Go on Sale 欢迎预订奥运门票

The Organizing Committee for the Beijing Olympic Games (BOCOG) announced that tickets for the 2008 Games are now on sale. For those living outside China, tickets can be ordered through their own country's National Olympic Committee or "its designated ticketing agent." People in the People's Republic can order various ways.

Olympic Tickets

How to Order

Those in China can apply:

1) through the official ticketing website (,

2) by calling BOCOG directly: (+86-10-952008),

or 3) at designated Bank of China branches.

Olympic fans who live outside of China can apply for tickets through their own National Olympic Committee or its designated ticketing agent.


For ticket buyers in China, sales will have three phases. Phase One lasts until the end of September 2007. In this phase, you have until 30 June 2007 to apply. Roughly 50% of the available tickets will go on sale in this phase.

The second phase will last from October to December 2007. The remaining 50% of the tickets plus any left over tickets from phase one will be on sale--on a first come, first served basis.

The last phase is from April until August 2008, and any remaining tickets will be sold.

Ticket prices can be found here:

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Olympic Park red gate

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