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China Visas From Japan 2008

For a business trip last March, I needed a visa to get into China. For Americans the fee was 6,000 yen (about $60). For a British colleague, it was 4,000 yen. Different fees paid, we were on our way to Beijing.
China Visa

Well, business and China beckon once again. At the consulate in Osaka the other day, other than a broken copy machine--we all had to run across the street to a Chinese travel agency to have our passport and Japanese identity cards copied--things went smoothly.

The woman at the Visa window was even the same young woman as the previous year. After several minutes spent stapling, clipping, and writing up a pink receipt, she told me in heavily accented Japanese, "You can pick up your visa between the dates written here. The fee is 15,000 yen."

After a nano-second, I said "Huh?! 11 months ago it was 6,000. Are you sure about that?"

She didn't require a nano-second: "Yes. The fees have been changed."

And now we are bound for Shanghai.

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