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Fish Bird and Insect Market Beijing (Guan Yuan Shi Chang)

Carp, Guan Yuan Shi Chang
While fish, birds and insects might be what many know Guan Yuan Shi Chang for, Beijing visitors and residents alike will find a wide range of goods for sale including tobacco and smoking accessories, fishing tackle, plants, jewelry and traditional Chinese shoes.

For those seeking a rather authentic China ‘experience’ this little market offers it all. This is Beijing people going about their everyday lives uninfluenced by foreigners and cameras. Out of respect for one of the few genuine China experiences left in Beijing, it would be prudent to keep cameras hidden and simply enjoy the experience of visiting the market. These people are doing what they normally do without influence from visiting tourists, so it is with considerable hesitation that the information about this market is being posted.

Cat, Guan Yuan Shi Chang
People living in Beijing may find this market a good place to pick up a cheap but adorable pet to join their family. The shop and stall holders are warm and welcoming even if you are not interested in buying. There are many stalls both inside and outside the market. There is even the chance to sit down and enjoy a meal.

Pets like turtles, terrapins, fish, budgerigars, parrots, doves, rabbits, chinchillas, cats, kittens, mice, hamsters, iguanas and dragon lizards are all for sale.

Insects like crickets are very popular and widely available. During winter these were the only insects available, apart from live maggots.

To accompany the pets you will find a wide range of accessories available to either make your dear pet’s life more comfortable or to entertain them. Pet food and pet medicines can also be purchased.

If you are not much interested in pets, don’t despair, there is quite a range of other merchandise also offered for sale.

Pipes at Guan Yuan Shi Chang Market
Pipes on sale
For the smoker there is an impressive selection of smoking pipes in a range of shapes, lengths, materials and colours. Already own a pipe? Why not check out the variety of what appears to be unprocessed tobacco for sale! There are many large bags of various tobaccos just waiting to be enjoyed by those who enjoy a pipe or rolling their own cigarettes.

Jewelry is another widely sold item you may stumble across in this market once you venture inside. Jade and other semi-precious stones can be found either made up as bracelets, necklaces or available singularly.

While winter is probably not the best time to be looking for plants to buy in Beijing there were a number of spring bulbs like hyacinths already for sale. Cacti, azaleas, bromeliads and gourds are also found at this time of year.

For the fishermen there are many shops inside the market selling fishing tackle.

Traditional Chinese shoes and slippers can also be purchased. Slippers come in a wide range of ornate traditional patterns. At the same time the simple black and white slip on shoes from Mao’s era can be found and purchased at very cheap prices.

Guan Yuan Shi Chang iguana
To access Guan Yuan Shi Chang by subway take the train to Fucheng subway, exit B and turn 180 degrees before walking along Fuchengmen Beidajie, on the east side of the west 2nd Ring Road.

Access - Getting There

The market is about 100 metres along to your left where you see a car park and stalls beyond the car park.

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