Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beijing Olympic Fever Continues to Build

Olympic Fever continues to build

Learning to queue
Olympic Fever
With the recent synchronized swimming events in the Water Cube and the IAAF Race Walking Challenge in the National Stadium demand for tickets has reached even higher levels than before at many of Beijing’s international sporting events.

A chance to experience world class sporting venues newly opened to the public, along with the opportunity to enjoy world sport competitions is bringing thousands of people out to buy tickets. Gone are the days of entering a mad scramble or scrum to reach a ticketing window! Now all who are interested in buying tickets for events can relax in queues and know that their turn will come to buy a ticket, if they haven’t sold out.

Sadly this writer was not able to purchase synchronized swimming tickets for the Water Cube as the demand was high and tickets sold out after only one hour of queuing. However, the attraction of the entering the freshly opened National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) was well worth queuing for tickets to the Race Walking Challenge!

National Stadium
Yesterday’s Race Walking event meant thousands of people were winners judging by their smiling faces. Looks of awe and camera clicking were abundantly evident in and around the ever popular and stunningly fascinating National Stadium with its incredible steel structure of seemingly endless grey shapes, backed by the contrasting red inner lining of the stadium.