Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bloomin’ Beautiful Beijing

Bloomin' Beautiful Beijing

While many of us living in Beijing probably don't need much reminder that the weather is finally warming and it is the most amazing time of the year to see the miracles of spring, those readers visiting Beijing might not be aware of the awesome displays awaiting discovery in Beijing's parks. A visit to the parks at this time of year is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Beijing tulips

Not only will you see picture perfect row upon row of brilliantly coloured tulips, beds bursting with dazzling daffodils or trellises trembling under the load of pendulant bunches of wisteria, but you will get to mix with happy and friendly locals as they too enjoy the spectacle.

Many will greet visitors or even practice their English with you given an opportunity. If you happen to visit Jingshan Park on a Sunday morning there is the extra special treat of free entertainment from hundreds of locals exercising their vocal chords as they sing their favourite tunes in unison or play various musical instruments around the gardens. Such beauty from nature and free entertainment from musicians can quickly wile away hours of your time.

Wisteria in Beijing

Each park has a mixture of blooms on display April to May, however each has its own specialties.

Jingshan Park – Peonies

Zhongshan Park – Tulips

Yuyuantan Park – Cherry blossoms

Botanical Gardens – Peach blossoms