Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beijing: Kafé Peranakan

Kafé Peranakan

This excellent Malay restaurant located behind the Kuntai Hotel is popular with many of its regular clientele and also with visitors from the nearby Kuntai Hotel and busy Ritan, Landau and Fulllink shopping areas. Those expats ‘in the know’ also cherish a regular meal at this specialist restaurant with its exquisite flavours of Malay cooking.

Kafé Peranakan specializes particularly in Nyonya cooking style. This is a combination of Malay and Chinese cuisine originating from the Malacca area of Malaysia in particular. It is a favourite cuisine of thousands of people developed over 400 years.

Start your meal with the mouth watering nyonya spring rolls and their tangy sauce or the chicken pakora. The traditional nyonya chicken curry is something very special to order as you can enjoy its popular and authentic delicate curry and coconut flavours. Assam fish, banana leaf grilled cod, deep fried fish with shrimp paste and kangkong belacan will have you craving to come back and enjoy more of this outstanding cuisine. Who would want to miss the famous Rendang dry beef curry or Malay satay, all just too much to enjoy in one meal! That is without mentioning the Penang fried rice noodles which are simply sumptuous with their prawns and sweet pork coupled with their Malay spices. Many visits are needed to experience other flavours like the Nyonya prawn noodles, Mamak fried noodles or curry chicken with coconut.

Desserts and drinks will also tempt you with their tropical coconut and mango flavours. Bubor Cha Cha, Malaysian Cha Cha or the refreshing assortment of flavours you mix together from the special Malaysian ice mix of agar, red beans and mango are others to refresh your palate. Calling from the drinks list are the sharp refreshing tastes of fresh lime juice, healthy fresh orange juice or the ever popular tea tarik especially served for you at your table as the chef whips the milk tea into a delicious frothing drink poured in great style. Take your camera!

As the bill arrives at your table you will also be surprised by the fair prices charged for such fine food.

Access - Getting There

# 17 Kuntai International Center
Chaowai Dajie
Chao Yang District
Telephone: 5879 0370