Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beijing Taxi Driver

Beijing Taxi Driver

The vast majority of taxi drivers in Beijing do not speak much English. This can make traveling a little less convenient when trying to get around in the city. Of course many taxi drivers who don’t speak English are still as helpful as they can be, but they cannot give you the same sense of knowing that everything is okay as an English speaking driver.

Tom - Beijing Taxi Driver

For this reason you may like to use a reliable and helpful taxi driver with a good knowledge of English. While many drivers have enough English to say a few words Tom has enough English to converse and offer advice about things to do and see in and around Beijing.

Traveling around Beijing with Tom is not stressful because you know he will have the patience to wait for you while you sort yourself out with addresses. He will even call a number for you and find out where to go if you don't have the address.

Tom has a new and reliable car which he keeps immaculately clean, both inside and out.

Contact Tom on 13683242408

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