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Beijing Recycling

Beijing Recycling, China.

Consider the Environment

Let’s celebrate! Many magazines and newspapers have been reporting China’s decision to ban those free thin plastic supermarket bags. Starting in June customers will be asked to use cloth bags, other recyclable bags or even baskets.

Not only will this decision help to slow down the rising number of plastic bags flying gracefully around Beijing on windy days, flapping madly on the branches of trees, or clinging tightly to fences, but it will also reduce the amount of oil China needs to import to make these bags. Think of the impact that will have on our environment through reductions in oil drilling pollution, shipping pollution, transport to shops and litter in our beautiful country, China. No doubt there are many more positive impacts as well.

More good news is evident as one moves around Beijing and witnesses many recycling businesses collecting and sorting all kinds of ‘rubbish’. Many examples of this collection of materials for recycling can be seen along the streets as tricycle riders load up with all manner of materials to be recycled. This growing industry fits well with supporting moves to reduce the burial and burning of plastics.

China’s environmental consciousness is a very positive step toward making China and the World a better place to be for our future generations.

Beijing recycling
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