Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wenchuan Earthquake

Wenchuan Earthquake

A major earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, has hit a number of cities and counties in the southwest of China on 12th May and has left countless numbers of people helpless.

Following the enormous devastation of lives, homes, communications, factories and farmland in Sichuan province, Gansu province and other areas of China, the management and staff of Beijing Visitor extend deep sympathy to all people involved in the disaster and to people touched by this natural calamity.
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During such times people feel powerless to respond when they are separated from the situation by distance, but a listening ear and a kind word of care or concern to those feeling troubled makes a difference. This attitude brings people together as they recognize that their needs are the same no matter what race or religion they are from.

It is immensely reassuring to hear and see how the Chinese government, services, communities and the country as a whole have responded to the crisis. It is reassuring to those affected by the devastation to know that thousands of people are uniting and working together to save lives and solve the huge problems nature has thrown at China.

To our audience near and far, there are other ways you can become involved in supporting the thousands left destitute by this shocking disaster. You may donate to local or international aid agencies who are calling for donations. Donations of blood here in China are already in short supply as 5000 donors a day are being sought. Some people may wish to offer skills needed in dealing with the emergency or helping with the massive rebuilding project required. Be assured that your kindness and support will be gratefully accepted and fully appreciated.

Cash donations can be made to the Red Cross of China,
Telephone: 6402 8411
Email: rcsc[at]

Donations can also be made via this site:

Donations of blood can be made to: Beijing United Hospital, 2 Jiang Tai Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing 100016.
Telephone 6433 3960


Sichuan Earthquake Map