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Albert Adria in Beijing

Albert Adrià of elBulli will be coming to Beijing with a team of chefs at the end of October.

Albert Adria in Beijing

Spain's elBulli has been awarded the title of the World's Best Restaurant by the prestigious Restaurant Magazine for the past four years, as well as in 2002. Led by manager Juli Solder; Chef Albert Adrià, the “ideologist” of elBulli; and Chef Ferran Adrià, frequently noted as the best chef in the world, elBullli offers the most sought-after dining tables in the world.

This October, celebrating the astounding impact these two culinary craftsmen and their restaurant have had on both Spain’s and the world’s cuisines, Albert Adrià will visit Beijing with his team of chefs to host four unforgettable gastronomic events.

Presenting book and DVD presentations, master classes, Q&A sessions, and meets and greets, together with a final guest-chef dinner, Albert Adrià, ”ideologist” of elBulli in Beijing, will be a must for industry professionals and passionate foodies alike.

Albert Adria in Beijing


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