Sunday, March 22, 2020

Award-winning YUÈ Presents 50% Off Dim Sums 25% Off a la Carte Menus and Strengthened Precautionary Measures

Award-winning YUÈ Presents 50% Off Dim Sums

Award-winning YUÈ Presents 50% Off Dim Sums.

As most offices have re-opened, many are trying to re-establish some normalcy to their daily routine including dining while out for work. For great value choices, Michelin-recommended Chinese restaurant YUÈ at City Garden Hotel introduces a first time half price on all dim sums, attractive discounts on business lunch and classic dinner sets, as well as 25% off a la carte and beverage items between now and 30 April. With extra caution on top of mind recently, the hotel and restaurant have also escalated hygiene standards and practices to ensure guests a pleasant and safe dining experience. Lunch Promotions Diners can now enjoy 50% discount on a bountiful selection of dim sum and snacks during lunch period from now to April 30 (Appendix 1) at YUÈ. Traditional dim sums handcrafted by award-winning Executive Chinese Chef Lai Ching Shing are available from HK$27 only.

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Individually served platters with an assortment of dim sums, Chinese barbecues and snacks are also available from the attractive price of HK$58 per person. For those who are back into business entertainment or simply craving for a decadent lunch, Chef Lai has curated a six-course business lunch menu (Appendix 2) featuring barbecued meat platter, premium double-boiled sea whelk soup with Chinese herbs and silky fowl, steamed giant garoupa fillet with egg white and Hua Diao wine, sizzling pan-fried chicken with cognac in clay pot, fried rice with conpoy and egg white and Cantonese dessert at a special price of HK$268 only per person.

Award-winning YUÈ Presents 50% Off Dim Sums.

The menu is available from March 9 with each plate served individually with no minimum order, serving even single diners. A comforting dim sum set lunch menu (Appendix 3) is another delicious option at YUÈ now at the favourable price of HK$188 per person. The menu has even been elevated from a 4-course to 6-course experience with an extra nourishing soup and noodles in addition to the time honoured dim sum platter, signature main dish and dessert. For further surprise, the main course is upgraded to premium seafood on rotation such as baked prawn with premium soy sauce.

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Dinner Promotions The elaborate selection of award winning and famous dishes on the a la carte menu and beverages are now available at 25% discount daily at lunch and dinner to satisfy every occasion and preference. During dinner, guests can also choose the upgraded version of the Classic Dinner Set (Appendix 4) at 20% discount (HK$308 per person, original price at HK$388 per person) as a tasting menu of distinct Cantonese flavours.

Precautionary Measures to Ensure the Wellbeing of Guests To provide guests a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience, the following stringent measures have been implemented at the hotel on top of its regular sanitising practices:

- To ensure food hygiene, all dishes and set menu portions will be plated and served individually
- To maintain a spacious dining environment, tables are arranged at further distances and bigger table tops will be installed
- For guests who wish to dine in a private space, VIP rooms will be arranged on a first book first served basis without minimum charge
- Alcohol based disinfectant wipes will be provided to all guests
- All tableware and cutleries are cleaned and sanitised before service, and will only be placed when guests are seated
- Increased number of servers to present dishes individually to avoid contact with sharing chopsticks
- All lunch sets are available without minimum patron requirement for those who wish to avoid meal gatherings. For necessary social and business meals, all portions will be served individually l There will only be one seating per dining period. All dining tables, chairs, tableware, cutleries, menus and carpets will be fully sanitised before serving the next round of guests.