Sunday, February 14, 2021

Bring in the Chinese New Year with Two New Lush products

Bring in the Chinese New Year

Bring in the Chinese New Year

Lush has launched two new limited edition products to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the biggest annual celebration on the traditional Chinese Calendar.

This year, we are introducing two brand new celebratory products inspired by Chinese culture and heritage. 

Godiva Lucky Coin Shampoo Bar shares its roots with Godiva - a bygone hair care product that was a favorite and best seller; while Dragon Legend Bubble Stick is a new design showcasing a traditional aspect of Chinese culture during the New Year's festivities. Customers can put it in a little red bag (which will be provided in shops) as per the tradition for this seasonal event.

They are now available in Lush Hong Kong & Macau shops and on

NEW! Godiva Lucky Coin Shampoo Bar HK$125 each

During Chinese New Year it is traditional to give gold coins as a symbol of luck and prosperity. With our lucky coin, you'll have hair worth celebrating! Back for a limited time! 

Give the gift of conditioned, cleansed hair with this golden coin shaped shampoo bar full of shine-enhancing camellia oil; while jasmine absolute gives its the sensual perfume that lingers in the hair to captivate everyone around.

Using a Lush shampoo bar saves approximately two to three 250g bottles of shampoo.

"This is the best product I've ever used from Lush. Leaves my hair gorgeous, soft and shining" Customer testimonial

NEW! Dragon Legend Bubble Stick HK$80 each

During the Chinese New Year, the ancient dragon dance is performed to scare away evil spirits.

Welcome this dragon into your bath for good luck, knowledge, and truth. And lots of floral bubbles! Dragon Fruit powder is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, to revive and brighten skin. The heady, sweet, and floral scent of ylang ylang oil uplifts the mood and reduces anxiety.