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JD Logistics to Invest RMB 1 Billion for Green Supply Chain
Yui Yu, CEO of JD Logistics joined P&G China, the leading consumer goods company, and officially launched the "P&G CARE+ Accessible Shopping Assistant" on March 10, providing an array of solutions to the problems often faced by visually impaired consumers before, during, and after the online shopping process.

The services aim to optimize the online shopping experiences through barrier-free consultation, home delivery, door-to-door pickup logistics services, etc. Before sales: will join P&G China and launch outbound voice calling services for businesses.

After the visually impaired consumers turn on the screen reader, they can experience the barrier-free escort service by entering the key phrase "speed forward" in the customer service chat window of P&G China's official flagship store on

During sales: will give full play to its advantages in logistics, and work with P&G China to track barrier-free parcels. With the services of JD Logistics, the parcels will be door-to-door delivered to ensure the implementation of barrier-free services.

After sales: will work with P&G China in solving the after-sale service needs for visually impaired consumers, and support P&G China to initiate return visits. According to China Disabled Persons' Federation, there are over 17 million visually impaired people in China.

Due to the challenge, visually impaired consumers often encounter difficulties in grasping product information, picking up deliveries and returning products. "In the future, we will continue to work with to continuously optimize technical support and provide special services visually impaired consumers," noted Ella Lu, General Manager of Consumer Relations Communications at P&G Greater China.

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