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Coffee Culture as an Art with Specialty Single Origins Made with Care

Nespresso introduces new limited-edition coffees under its Master Origins range, the Master Origins Aged Sumatra and Master Origins Papua New Guinea in its commitment to elevate coffee as both an art and a catalyst for positive change. Through its ‘Made with Care’ campaign, Nespresso aims to shine light on the care that goes into every coffee, from farm to cup, through preserving rare coffees, agricultural communities and the environment with respect to local farming practices. 

Every cup begins with Care
The “Made with Care” campaign brings to life Nespresso’s fundamental belief that coffee can be a catalyst for positive change. With deep human care behind every cup of coffee, Nespresso extends its unique savoir-faire by providing some of the best coffee in the world and sharing its commitment to act as guardians of precious coffee with every cup. 

This ethos is embedded in the choices Nespresso makes across its value chain - from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, designed to ensure the selection of only the finest quality beans while also improving the livelihoods of farmers and protecting the environment, to the outstanding single-origin coffees created in partnership with local farming communities with the Master Origins range. 

New Master Origins Limited-Edition Coffees
The Master Origins range provides exquisite tastes and experiences from all around the world, obtained through local traditional savoir-faire and ingenious practices that elevate coffee farming as an art. Nespresso extends this care and artistry to coffee enthusiasts in Hong Kong with two new limited coffees in the Master Origins range, the Master Origins Aged Sumatra and Master Origins Papua New Guinea, produced by coffee craftsman with local harvesting and processing techniques that result in distinct and aromatic coffees. 

Both new coffees are Q Coffee™ certified, professionally graded by the Coffee Quality Institute and deemed as specialty coffees with superior quality from farm to roastery. 

The Master Origins Aged Sumatra delivers an unforgettable taste with Arabica coffee from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, refined by time through a traditional 5-year aging processes from the region. Farmers from the Gayo Mountain, in the Aceh province of the island, practise the giling basah method of processing coffee, where it is hulled whilst still wet, leading to rich, powerful tasting notes. 

In a meticulous twist on the Indonesian wet-hulled process, farmers practice the giling basah method of processing coffee. The beans are then stocked in breathable jute bags, losing and gaining moisture as they follow nature’s seasons and rhythms. On a regular basis, the coffee beans are removed from their bag, aerated, raked, turned and re-bagged the following day to ensure consistent ageing. 

The coupling of Indonesian wet hulling with the careful 5-year ageing has enhanced its distinctly woody and spicy, delivering an unforgettable cup with a roasted character and complex notes of cocoa and tobacco. The Master Origins Aged Sumatra is best enjoyed as a latte macchiato. Served this way, the Aged Sumatra develops biscuit buttery cereal notes, for a light, sweet and indulgent treat. 

The Master Origins Papua New Guinea honors the past to reveal treasures for the present, through unrivalled taste from the remote islands of Oceania. This Grand Cru coffee is a blend of Arabica coffee from an extraordinary terroir; the incredibly remote mountainous interior of Papua New Guinea’s Western Highlands with its fertile soils and cool, mountain highlands help the coffee to retain its honeyed sweetness for longer. Grown by smallholder farmers under shade and cultivated naturally, the precious coffee cherries are carried across steep mountain paths before being turned into a rare, elegant coffee. 

During the short window between harvesting and pulping, farmers must act quickly and transport the coffee across remote and rugged paths to the wet mill where it undergoes a lengthy fermentation process. To bring out the coffee’s exceptional coffee profile, the pulped coffee rests for two days before washing and drying in the high mountain sun. 

Try tasting The Master Origins Papua New Guinea black to be able to fully experience its rare profile. Nespresso's Master Origins Aged Sumatra and Master Origins Papua New Guinea are now available online and at Nespresso Boutiques for a limited time starting from 28 February.

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