Tourist and travel information for China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Mid Autumn Festival in Beijing China

China's Mid Autumn Festival was celebrated on 14th September this year. Visitors will not only notice temperatures moderating as summer starts to wane, but will see locals loaded with beautiful looking bags and boxes exquisitely decorated as they exit crowded shopping centers.

Mooncake box

It is traditional for families to come together at this time of year. In China the full moon has always been a time for family gatherings. Some families visit local parks to view the moon, enjoy the cool night air, pray for a good year ahead and share mooncakes. The tradition is said to have started with the ancient ceremony of sacrificing to the Moon Goddess.

These days mooncakes come in many shapes and flavours. There are snowy mooncakes filled with mung bean paste, tea moon cakes containing tea and fruit combinations like black tea and lychee, tea and pomelo, green tea and plum or butter tea. Other harder to find mooncakes contain chocolate with hazelnut, kumquat paste, milk and egg yolk and even plum. Many of the more traditional mooncakes contain red bean paste. Those who make their own mooncakes buy the traditional wooden moulds seen from time to time in local markets.

mooncake packages
To help people celebrate this age old tradition the government has declared Monday 15th September a public holiday.

Markets in Beijing

Panjiayuan Market

Yashow Market

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